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Why Drink Wine?

by Jamie Smith

That’s right, I said it - why? You here all this and that about the health benefits of 1 glass of red wine per day from the experts. Fine! Lower cholesterol, oxygen, red blood cells, extended life count me in. But, is that all it is, a digestive aid? Health benefits aside, something much more than that makes millions of people choose wine over any other beverage.

Personally I would say that I drink wine for the total experience. The way a great bottle can envelop your senses, even overload them. Who among the wine drinking populous can honestly say that at one time or another a bottle hasn’t just made you sit back and go wow, all that from a grape?

So next time you are at dinner with a few friends skip that beer or mixed drink and open up your senses to a bottle of health but remember moderation leads to appreciation.

Jamie Smith is a Sommelier at Aureole - the only restaurant in Las Vegas to garner the exclusive Wine Spectator’s “Grand Award.”

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