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V Bar: A Hot Oasis in the Desert

by R. H. Duke

The V Bar in the Venetian Resort is “V spot” for the sophisticated cocktail set to see and be seen. This gaming Mecca has been dealt a hot and winning hand by a trio of successful entrepreneurs from New York City and Los Angeles. The team of David Rabin and Will Regan of New York’s trend setting “Lotus,” and Brad Johnson of L.A.’s ultra chic “Sunset Room” have created a contemporary and glamorous venue for today’s vibrant society.

East and West coast connections have been fused to attract the LA celeb crowd with the NY fashion set. Bringing those movers and shakers together in a unique, stylish, and welcoming environment in our exciting city.

Architecture and design is art, yet the power of art is minimalist at the V Bar. Sleek and simple lines, impressive hues, natural materials, and indirect lighting compliment the ambiance and intimacy. Comfortable banquettes line 2 walls providing the best vantage point to assimilate the action-packed crowd, while Rothkoesque spaced cubes of color function as cocktail tables surrounded by double-sided “lounge seats.” This is the perfect arrangement for the “in-crowd.”

For those seeking more action, the 14-seat cool slate bar with pony-skinned stools is the perfect place to congregate. This stunning and colorful venue offers sultry appeal with white, black, red, and cream tones and a slight hint of modern Asia.  A 50 foot glass skin wall entices inquisitive passers-by to capture a glimpse of the interior through slightly open seams. When I spoke with partner Brad Johnson during a recent VIP opening party, he enthusiastically promised a happening place for the up-beat crowd in Las Vegas.  Thank you Brad for making good on that promise.

James Valdez, General Manager, along with Assistant Managers Akasha Kahn and Sean McNicholas, invite you to a night of excitement, sophisticated cocktails, and social interaction. Public Relations Manager Will Candess and Ark Restaurants staff are ready to accommodate special requests.

For the finest in libations spend the night in a dashing, chic, and artsy venue and as luck may have it sightings of local and visiting celebs.  Located in Venetian’s restaurant row, V Bar’s hours are 4:00 P.M. until 4:00 A.M., nightly.  Phone (702) 414-3200.

R.H. Duke is a former restaurateur and a Las Vegas restaurant critic who says “Fine Dining is one of Life’s Greatest Pleasures!”

Taste of Vegas would be happy to help make your dining experiences wonderful in the hottest and fastest growing restaurant city in the world!  E-mail our staff with your restaurant related questions or for help in booking private parties.

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