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Todai, The Emperor of Sushi & Seafood Buffets

By R. H. Duke

Todai, is a top upscale Japanese Seafood buffet, with a seemingly endless 160-foot display of inviting, colorful, and eye appealing all-you-can-eat Japanese specialties, sushi, salads, and desserts. A tantalizing Asian culinary adventure at best!

You will be overwhelmed with 40 different kinds of sushi including Anago (sea eel), Saba (mackerel); Ika (squid); Uni (sea urchin); Tai (red snapper); Ikura (salmon eggs); and Hamachi (yellow tail). The hand roll station features such delicacies as Tuna salad rolls, Shrimp tempura rolls, grilled Salmon rolls, California rolls, and sashimi.

Choose from the more than 15 salads including seaweed salad, kimchi, and mixed seafood salad. And this is only the beginning. The Udon and Ramen station, and an outstanding Miso soup will certainly delight the palate. After all this is a seafood buffet, and what would this offering be without fresh lobster, lobster claws, scallops, shrimp, mussels, and Snow Crab legs.

Todai is all of this, and much more, serving wonderful Japanese specialties as Teriyaki (chicken or beef), Lemon Shrimp, and Crab Rangoon. Other specialties include Gyoza  (a pot sticker-like dumpling), Oden (fish cake soup), and Tuna Tataki. Select from fresh fruits or the more than 20 creative and delicious desserts, not overly sweet, but rather light with balanced taste, such as fruit tarts, cheese cakes, and a variety of cookies.

I have become a regular patron at Todai, having dined 6 times, recently…each visit as inviting, enticing, exciting, and consistent as my first visit. Todai rises high above comparable eateries in its class. Freshness, quality of ingredients, and caring service have become the hallmark of Todai. The all you can eat $14.95 lunch is a true value, and well worth the visit. The $25.95 (20% discount age 65 or better) dinner value is enhanced with additional entrees as 1/2 lobster, snow crab legs, other shellfish and seafood. Children under age 12 and 5 feet in height receive a 50% discount, making this a true family restaurant.

Todai is located inside the Desert Passage shopping mall adjacent to the Aladdin Hotel, and offers convenient valet parking at its’ front door at the Harmon Ave. entrance.  Let Todai (translated Lighthouse) be your guiding light to a wonderful Japanese dining experience. Phone (702) 892-0021.

R.H. Duke is a former restaurateur and a Las Vegas restaurant critic who says “Fine Dining is one of Life’s Greatest Pleasures!”

Taste of Vegas would be happy to help make your dining experiences wonderful in the hottest and fastest growing restaurant city in the world!  E-mail our staff with your restaurant related questions or for help in booking private parties.

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