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The Sterling Brunch at Bally’s

By Hahn Le

Nothing is better than brunch on Sundays.  Sunday brunch invokes feelings of idleness and indulgence, two things of which I wouldn’t mind having more.  So when a friend of mine invited me to Bally’s Sterling Brunch, I couldn’t resist.

Every Sunday, chef de cuisine Todd Clore transforms the Bally’s Steakhouse into a memorable site for Sunday brunch.  From the typical breakfast fare of waffles and omelets made to order to offerings of ostrich tenderloin and Maine lobster, you will not go hungry at this buffet-style brunch or thirsty for that matter. Unlimited Perrier Jouët champagne is served at brunch, with or without the orange juice. And at $52.95 a person, you should be able to be both idle and indulgent.

Admittedly, I was indulgent during this brunch, but I was not idle. Skipping all the usual brunch fare, I headed straight for the selections unavailable at your typical brunch meals like he braised rabbit with buttered linguini, the stone crab and striped sea bass with sea beans and caper butter.  Having an usual aversion to eating something that resembles the Cadbury Easter bunny, I was shocked that I enjoyed the tender off-the-bone morsels of rabbit that were surrounded in a sea of perfectly cooked linguini. As for the sea bass, the sea beans were tangy and salty and added an inventive twist to the flavor and texture of the sea bass.  Despite how much I enjoyed this other fare, the stone crab legs, described by my dining companion Gail Krystal “as too beautiful to eat,” were sweet and succulent. Pre-shelled for easy consummation, I could have dined on the stone crab alone. Other noteworthy choices were the rack of lamb with Szechwan peppercorn crust, the ostrich tenderloin and the veal medallions with lobster risotto and the crab gratin.

The only drawback to the Sterling Brunch is that amidst all this selection, you have to save room for dessert. So next time you’re idle and feeling a bit indulgent, head to Bally’s Sterling Brunch for a meal that is more than just brunch.  Bally’s offers its Sterling Brunch only on Sundays from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm

Ms. Le is a local attorney specializing in corporate law

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