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Lutece at the Venetian
“The talk of New York…in Las Vegas”

By R. H. Duke

Lutece, the talk of New York, has become a favorite of Las Vegas.  A location away from popular “restaurant row” inside The Venetian Resort, has provided magnetic attraction for those seeking a unique dining experience.  Dine al fresco on the romantic outdoor patio situated on the brinks of the “canal” with views of the fabulous Las Vegas “Strip”. This combination is unequaled in Vegas.

The ambiance is minimal, yet chic, with its’ geometric design, and black and white décor accented with light woodwork, glass, silver and indirect lighting. From the moment you enter, to the moment you depart, your awareness of the modern architecture becomes more noticeable as you focus on the lighting, unique floor sculptures, and spectacular wine cooler.

Add to this mix the exceptional modern French cuisine created by celebrated Chef David Feau, a protégé of legendary Guy Savoy, and this unequaled combination becomes an instant winner! Chef David’s training at the Ecole Hotellere, Helene Boucher in France is in Classic Cuisine. However, upon his arrival in the U.S. Feau was introduced to a number of ingredients uncommon, or not available, in France. As a result, this extraordinary and talented Chef combines his French training with classic ingredients and pairings that are unique, and his interpretation is that of an artist. “We do not use flour” he says, “little butter, no sauce...just the natural reductions, as we concentrate on the product.”

An example of Chef David’s bold creativity is Foie Gras covered with a decadent chocolate sauce enhanced with generous orange marmalade. This is not dessert, but rather an outstanding and flavorful signature dish. The flavors tend to play off each other leaving a unique finish to the palate.

An appetizer that gives a new meaning to the term “Mille Feuille” is the Yellow Fin Tuna “Mille Feuille” - Slices of Tuna and alternate slices of apples are skewered and finished off with argan oil and cilantro. The “Minute” Marinated Wild Striped Sea Bass, Every Saveurs is another example.  Sea Bass marinated and covered with a mix of fresh greens combines textures and flavors that compliment each other that is refreshing and prepares the palate for the next course. I have found all of the appetizers to be refreshing, delicate, light, and not overbearing. The Chefs confirms that“…we don’t cover the flavors…the first taste brings out every flavor and ingredient listed for the item on the menu.

Chef David’s creativity is further reflected in his entrées. A uniquely prepared Baby Chicken and Foie Gras Papillotte with Snow Peas and Arugula, Pomme Anna, and Sauce Diblle is a tantalizing dish. And as in all of the Chefs’ dishes he is careful to allow each ingredient to be recognized for the flavors to come through and compliment each other.

Salmon also takes on a new meaning Sautéed With Asparagus and Sunchoke Puree (vegetable with slight flavor of artichoke) Bouillabaisse Jus, Saffron Essence. The interaction of these ingredients enhances the exquisite Salmon flavor.

Dessert is the final touch to any meal and a most important course.  In the words of Feau, “dessert must be interesting to finish the meal”. And interesting it is. A unique dessert I highly recommend is “Milk and Honey” - a light, yet flavorful delectable honey mousse flavored with orange water, star anise, vanilla bean, and cinnamon.  You may select from an outstanding selection of Soufflé, including Pistachio with Amerena Sorbet; Chocolate with Chocolate Ice Cream; or Grand Marnier with orange salad and anglaise sauce.

The 43 page wine list at Lutece offers selections from every corner of the globe, several available by the glass, including dessert wine, cognac, armagnac, calvados, and port.  Rounding out the beverage offering is the best selection of teas from China, Ceylon, and India. I’ve been told that the Lapsang Souchongh is a good choice - leaves are dried over smoky pine fires to develop a distinct smoky flavor.

Chef David divides his duties between Lutece, New York and Las Vegas. Dedication and team cooperation is the key for success. He places the utmost confidence in his team consisting of Chef de Cuisine Jorge Lopez who oversees the daily operation in the kitchen, Pastry Chef Rebecca Lopez who turns out phenomenal desserts, Caleb Anderson who heads up the beverage, bar and wine operation, Senior Captains Cheryl Boss, and Concepion “Concho” Garcia and wait staff who are professional, caring, attentive and accommodating. Coordination is under the expert management of General Manager Michael Jackson (formerly of Bacchanal at Caesars).

Experience the Talk of New York …in Las Vegas at Lutece in The Venetian.
Serving dinner nightly 5:30PM - 10:30 PM. Reservations (702) 414-2220,
or at Reservation Desk in Venetian’s “restaurant row”.

R.H. Duke is a former restaurateur and a Las Vegas restaurant critic who says “Fine Dining is one of Life’s Greatest Pleasures!”

Taste of Vegas would be happy to help make your dining experiences wonderful in the hottest and fastest growing restaurant city in the world!  E-mail our staff with your restaurant related questions or for help in booking private parties.

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