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Bubbles of Seduction

By Darrell O’Rourke

Champagne and love: The two seem to have always been connected in an intimate dance of the senses. Champagnes can be sensual, powerful, intense, with spicy and red fruit overtones. Maybe that’s what makes it the natural choice of those celebrating love. Or it might be the magical presence of bubbles, that emanate from the long marriage of the yeasts and the wines in cellars. Indefatigable dancers, the bubbles rise to the surface to form a pearl necklace and release the floral flavors of amour.

And it’s not just romance where “bubbly” prevails. From the days when the Kings were crowned at Reims, champagne has been the wine of kings, nobility and those in the world of arts and letters. They have found that champagne is perfect for celebrating the triumphs of sports, the signing of contracts and opening ceremonies. Champagne is also an indispensable companion to intense, glorious, or quiet moments.

Champagne is enjoyed with all types of fine cuisine. Powerful bubbly works well with foie gras, Parma ham, stews, osso buco and poultry. More delicate champagne is the perfect accompaniment to fresh fish and shellfish, sorbets and desserts. You can also find the perfect champagne match for lamb, sweet-and-sour dishes, gratins and red fruits. But maybe your best bet with champagnes is to simply savor them by themselves - without food. But don’t do it alone. Order a great bottle of champagne and raise your flutes to love!

Mr. O’ Rourke is a retired developer and a connoisseur of fine food and wine.

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